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right-biased desk


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       [ photograph of a right-biased tablet school desk ]


Is this desk . . .

an instrument of torture?
For many left-handers, trying to work on a right-biased desk is difficult, uncomfortable, frustrating, and distracting - not very conducive to learning.

the cause of medical problems?
Chronic back and neck pain can result from contorting one's body around a right-biased desk.

the reason innocent students are accused of cheating?
Left-handers who must twist their bodies around in order to write on a right-biased desk are often accused of cheating.

a handicap on timed exams?
A student forced to sit twisted around in a desk biased against a biomechanically correct writing posture writes more slowly and suffers a real disadvantage on important timed exams, like SAT & GRE.

a subliminal message?
When a left-handed is faced with a room full of right-biased desks the school system's message is loud and clear - we only care about the others, you don' t count.

a big deal?
Yes. Anything that interferes with a student's ability to learn and perform warrants serious attention. This desk could make the difference between a passing and a failing grade.

Absolutely. Unbiased desks can be manufactured just as cheaply. There is no reason for side-biased seating to exist.

Handedness Research Institute

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